Ben Nevis, Castle Ridge 27-01-14

Roger and I had a great day on Castle Ridge today, the route was wind scoured most of the way and in good condition.   Before this we had a probe at Tower Ridge, about 100m out of the Douglas Gap the snow crest that has been there for a while now had a soft cornice on one side and deep powder on the other.  After a bit of wading and seeing the lack of any gear etc and amount of snow above we decided to call it ‘training’ and abbed off into the gap and made for Castle Ridge which we had seen already and new was looking good (much less buried with snow and rock showing).

Massive amounts of snow about up there now and plenty of slab present, many areas will be worth avoiding until it settles…

IMG_0379                                                                                               CIC Hut

IMG_0381                                                                                       Tower Ridge start



IMG_0392                                                                                     Castle Ridge Crux