Ben Nevis Update 17-18 March

Having had some fresh snow on Friday night and throughout the day on Saturday it felt like a return to winter on the Ben.  The fresh snow fell mainly high up but the likes of North East Buttress looked snowed up from the base as well as Tower Ridge.
We climbed Good Friday Climb on Saturday, it was in great condition and kept us away from the crowds on the Scoop…
Today we managed to arrive as a gap opened on Tower Scoop and despite the masses out climbing actually found the route fairly quiet.  We then traversed across and did Gardyloo Gully to get the novelty finish up the unusual ice tunnel, this gave a great finish to the day.
Tower Cascade, Smiths, Shot in the Dark, Comb are all still good or worth a look at least.  Also some mixed on Comb Gully Buttress, Tower Ridge, Observatory Ridge etc.
 Good Friday Climb
 Ropes emerge from the tunnel on Gardyloo
 Hugh getting annoyed because people keep asking can they buy his helmet, or commenting on the blue fleece trousers, crampons and slightly dated axes….
 Great weather for walking down on Saturday