Blea Water Ice 03-02-12

 The ice up at Blea water is starting to look good.  Today I went up and did left and right falls on Blea water main Gill, and Birketts Gully.  The main Gill was probably the best with the 2 ice falls high up on the left of the cove looking good.  The ice is thin in some places so screws won’t be on tap…

 Blea Water ice falls
 Right hand fall, main Gill
 Team soloing to the main falls
 Team on Birketts Gully
High Street Summit beyond

I also went over to Rampsgill Head, I did a couple of the grade III mixed routes which were in good condition, the gullies and steeper routes are worth avoiding, though ‘Friends Above’ V/7 still would go.

 The Pinnacles at Rampsgill Head
 North Buttress at Rampsgill Head
Sense of remoteness at Rampsgill Head Crag

Some cloud rolling in as I was leaving so steeper routes may come in again if frosted up.