E-Climb Products

I have just linked up with E-Climb and look forward to using the awesome looking products from this innovative company.

E-Climb products are available on-line and are already well recognised in Europe.  Their products however are perfectly suited to the UK and Scottish winter market.  As well as a selection of ice axes and ice screws they also make some great looking, and very Scottish, protection.  The ‘Icepider’ resembles other hammer in hooks we see on many a Scottish mixed rack but is really well thought out with and extended clipping point and retrieval eye that can be ‘stein pulled’ out with the tool.

The Icepider

Another example is the ‘Klauo’ ice screw, a super short screw with an extended anchor point.  The screws all have replaceable tips as well which is a great idea and will be welcome as bottoming out screws is a fairly regular issue on the ice we tend to climb over here…

 Replaceable screw tips and the stubby Klauo ice screw

The re-usable ripper quick draw also looks cool and is one of the many innovative ideas they have included in their product range.

Re-usable ripper 

Thanks to E-Climb for the great set of equipment they have sent me through.

As well as screws they have sent me some Cryo M and P axes, great as a working axe and for all aspects of winter climbing and Alpinism, and some Cryo Pro axes, the most technical tool in their range and aimed at high end ice and dry-tooling.  The Cryo Pro will be great for steeper UK mixed climbing and a small hammer can be added to protect the tools for hammering in gear.

                    Cryo Pro and M axes                    Removable hammer

My first impressions having had 2 days working with the Cryo M and P axes is of the absolute quality of these axes, the build is perfection!  They felt amazing on both ice and mixed, well weighted and balanced and the finish and look definitely catches the eye, I can honestly say these are the nicest tools of their category I’ve used.

The Cryo M and P tools, first test was the Cairngorms this weekend

Looking forward now to trying the Cryo Pro’s, I am certain these will be top performers on steeper mixed routes.  Another notable thing about the kit is how easily adjusted everything is, all the parts can be easily replaced or changed for different types of climbing.

E-Climb offer great value for awesome kit, have a look at their site here –   http://www.e-climb.net/es/