Lakes Conditions, Blea Water 23-02-13

 Blea Tarn Gill, left hand fall

 2 pillars on crag at top left of the main Gill
 Mad ice formations
 Looking down the right hand pillar
Birkett’s Gully, upper section

Some good ice about the Lakes and the snow condition is generally good and well frozen.  Great End is meant to be good with ice etc forming well, Central Gully and variations possible and Window Gully and the Icefall finish climbable.  Lots of other bits around I’d guess, routes on Tarn/Falcon crag have been climbed, ie. Chock Gully, and also routes on Dollywaggon Crag.

Today I went for a quick look at the Blea Tarn Icefalls, a few routes were climbable, the ice varies and is thin in places but was also very good with a bit of selective route choice.  I climbed the upper part of Birkett’s Gully (the narrows upwards) and it was generally really good, plenty of good ice about to link up and snow fairly solid.  I also did the left hand main icefall on Blea Water Gill, the right hand option looked thin…  Above and left of the top of the Gill is a small buttress with 2 pillars, the left was thin with a big ice umbrella at the top but the right one was good, I climbed that at about III and the ice was very good.  The ice pillar on the same level as the main falls of Blea Water Gill and out to the left was not doable just yet.

Lots of other bits of ice around the Cove which could be worth a look.  Access to the car park is possible despite the road closed signs.