Lakes Winter Conditions 05-12-11

The Lakes has had snow falling yesterday and today, at times down to valley level.  Today we went up to Bowfell and experienced some very wintery conditions.  Whilst things were looking snowy not many routes were in great condition due to the turf having not had a chance to freeze and now having an insulating layer of snow on top, up well above the knees where there has been some accumulation.  That said, where the wind was catching routes with exposed turf that wasn’t too buried it was frozen.  Its hard to say what tomorrow will be like from a climbing point of view, it is forecast to warm up at some point which will be good on the long run but may not help the turf situation.  No doubt though the ridges will give a great winter day and a walk on the tops will be well worth it anyway, so worth getting out for a look!

Today our chosen route hadn’t caught the wind and was looking a bit bare so we went over to Bowfell Buttress which was very snowy with the turf feeling better, though the harder climbing is all on snowed up rock which helps also.  It gave a great day as always and a great first blast of winter in the Lakes.

 Bowfell Buttress
 North Buttress

 Mark goes for the move across the wall avoiding the footless corner, lots of snow was getting channelled down this section of the route from the groove above.
 South Gully giving a cornice
Kirkstone Pass tonight on the way home, 4×4 was useful…
First blast of Lakes winter…

Woody also climbed a route on Hen Crag today and reported it to be ‘Cracking!’  

See photo –