Rock Climbing Skills – The Lake District

summer-rockDates: 15/06/15 – 19/06/15

Duration: 5 Climbing Days

Client Instructor Ratio: 1:2

Price: £450 (Course must be full for this price to apply – see page footnote)

Course Information


The Lake Distrcit is home to some of the best and most classic rock climbs in the UK, with Napes Needle being perhaps the first recorded rock climb in the country. This course offers the chance to experience some of these great routes whilst learning the skills to become independant in your climbing so you can come and tackle routes of your choice at a later date under your own guidance. The course content is aimed to leave you safe in the knowledge that you are approaching climbing safley and using the safest and most suitable techniques in any given situation.

This course is run at a 1:2 guide client ratio and aims to teach you the skills required to move to becoming independant in your climbing. It is an instructional course and so the focus will be on teaching and giving you the chance to build your own skills and knowledge. More info on this approach is also in Guided day or Instruction – what’s best for you.

What is included

list-tick Guided/Instructed days out
list-tick Technical Equipment
list-tick Accommodation
list-tick Breakfast
list-cross Evening Meal
list-tick Daily Transport

Sometimes, depending on where people are travelling from, there is the potential to arrange car sharing reducing the travel costs for everyone as well as being a bit more eco friendly. Please let us know if this is of interest.

The relevant Kit List is in our Resources.

For more information please Contact Us.

Note – We can still run this course/trip even if it is not full, however there might be an additional charge to bring the price up to a minimum daily rate/trip price for the relevant course or trip. Should a course not be viable due to lack of numbers we can discuss other options with you. As everyone has different levels of flexibility with dates and cut-off times for cancellation it’s best if you let us know your situation when booking. In situations where you have offered last minute flexibility but Mountain Circles can not fill a course and has to cancel, we will refund the course fee and deposit in full, if you cancel from a course that is full and running then normal conditions apply, see Cancellations in How to book.