Scafell Ice 27-02-13

Today gave another fantastic day out in the Lakes, ice climbing and bright sun gave a continental feel to the day!  When will it end?
Ed and I headed up to see what was looking good on Scafell Crag,  I was surprised at how much was stripped away.  Bar the easy gullies there was very little to consider climbing unless in rock shoes! I had thought perhaps Steep Ghyll or Moss Ghyll might have been good but both were far too thin to get on.  The one definite exception was the ice to the right of the Shamrock, The Direct Route cascades looking great from a long way off.  We headed for there and climbed 2 different pillars that had touched down out of the gully on the left.  Both were really good pitches of steep ice and well worth the trip.  All said there was probably more choice in the Helvellyn/Dollywaggon area yesterday with some mixed options as well.  
Another great day of good ice and sun with everything well frozen in the shade.
Thanks to Ed Luke for the photos.

 Abb descent back in for a 2nd route…

Ed on the 2nd route