Lakes Conditions 12/12/12

 Helvellyn Range

After a soggy start to the week a lot of the easier snow and ice routes have come in to fairly good condition. The snow that had been very wet is now frozen hard and any ice that survived has now got better.  I was up at  Blea Water yesterday and there was some climbable ice about but the main Gill only had some overnight ice on it, it might be better by tomorrow though.

Elsewhere Great End is in good condition, there is some good ice to climb and the snow is well frozen with a frosting at the top of the crag.  Central Left variation is reported as being good.  With the turf getting better again there may be a chance of some good mixed tomorrow as well with the crags starting to frost up a bit.  Tomorrow will be the day to be out with a great forecast, after that things will change fairly dramatically for a spell of warmer wetter weather.