Lakes Conditions, Ski Touring + Climbing 07-02-14

Over the past days the freezing level has been hovering around the summits.  With a plan to get out yesterday we opted for skis in the end which turned out to be the right decision.  The snow was really good for skiing yesterday as the freeze-line was around the summit of Helvellyn so there was a soft slightly wet layer of Lakeland powder (wet snow) to ski.  Just the very top of Swirral where we dropped in the 1st time was icy, especially under ski.  There was a MRT call out on there as well during the day.

In terms of climbing, the gullies were well filled and there is plenty of snow cover.  The warmer day had stripped the steep rock and any exposed turf seemed unfrozen, the snow was also fairly wet.  This said, it is still semi frozen up there and cool, and the forecast drop in temperatures over the weekend could very quickly freeze everything up and bring the snow to hard neve.  Monday looks a good day in particular and there may be some wind and snow to come on Tuesday.

Classic Ridges are all well snowed up and icy in places and will require winter confidence and kit.

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