Lakes Ski Touring 04-02-14

There is some great snow about in the Lakes at the minute for ski touring.  The newer snow is still soft and really nice to ski on.  The old snow is now frozen up on the surface giving hard neve and the tops have some very icy areas also.  Climbing conditions are also possible, signs of the turf getting a bit closer to being frozen today and climbers on Gully 2 with the left-hand ice-fall said it was all fairly good condition wise, but not neve in the gullies.  2 very different layers of snow are present and will still be worth keeping an eye on.

Touring today was great, with some tactical linking of slopes with fresh snow on and river beds holding good snow etc the skiing was brilliant.  Ski touring in the Lakes when its good is definitely one of the most satisfying  methods of travel in winter and takes you to places you’d never really go to otherwise!  Highly recommended…




Looking back at Raise


Looking West


Base of Brown Cove Crag


Looking across Keppal Cove into Brown Cove (East)